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I don’t like growing up. I don’t like being on my own, I don’t like having bills, or buying groceries, or working full-time, or being an adult. It scares me that in two years, I’ll be done with college, done with living in dorms with my friends, done with shenanigans all the time and I’ll be legitimately on my own, not just for the summer but I’ll legitimately have to have a plan, start looking towards my long-term career goal, be an actual grownup, with all the responsibilities that come with that, even more than I have just now.
The thought of this all terrifies me, and honestly, though I should be preparing for this even now, I haven’t. I know mostly what I want to do, be a police officer for 3 years and take some law classes, then go to finish law school somewhere then apply to the…

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