I love this blog! Here’s a great writer to read & a very encouraging post.

Off The Deep End

Prayer is nothing else than taking God’s promises to Him and saying:
“do as You have said”

As a new Christain, I loved this definition of prayer, cause I loved the promises in God’s Word and I love prayer!!

My 1st uncertainty came when I just had my miscarriage and Tim was very sick. I went and wrote every single promise on healing down from the Old and New Testament and stood on it, reminding God (and myself) of His promises and shouting it out to everything and everyone else that was not of God too.

Tim was not healed and got admitted for pneumonia and had to have painfull drips etc.

I was very disappointed, my faith shaken, but not destroyed.
I felt like Peter, when Jesus asked him; ”are you too leaving Me now?” and Peter answered: ”where would we go, Lord. You have the words of life”…

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